ProSelect Empire Dog Crate Review

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The ProSelect Empire dog crates are considered by many dog owners to be the strongest dog crates on the market, perfect for those dogs whose escape strategies consist of brute force attacks on their confines. This is a strong crate, built tough to contain even the strongest, most powerful breeds of dogs.

Technical Details:

Brand Name – Proselect
Weight – 75.2 lbs
Item Dimensions – 37 x 25.34 x 33.75 in
Color – Grey
Material Type – Metal

Description and Special Features

The crate is crafted from 20-gauge steel tubing and reinforced with heavy duty stress point welding to shore up any weak spots. The door is secured with not one, but two solid sliding latches to keep even the most determined dog from breaking out. A high-grade hammer tone finish also ensures a long service life free from rust.

Cleaning is easy due to a steel tray situated under the floor grate. Simply slide the tray out, dump the contents, and spray with the hose. While this cage is heavy, maneuvering is made a lot easier due to four removable caster wheels situated on the underside of each corner, making it a snap to roll the cage outside to make cleaning even more convenient.

The casters serve a dual purpose against crafty dogs who think scratching at your floor might be a good idea while they are contained. As the bottom of the cage is raised to the height of the casters your floor is not in any danger of being damaged, so you are able to position the cage in any room of the house without any worries.

There are two sizes available in this range – a 42” and a 37” and both are very easy to assemble.


  • Strong and sturdy for all but the strongest dogs
  • Two sliding latches for extra security
  • Available in two sizes to suit more varieties of dog breeds


  • As this is a heavy crate, it is not something you would want to be lifting into your car or van too often
  • A few owners have voiced concern over the grid flooring being too uncomfortable for the dog, but it is the best design for protection against soiling
  • A couple of owners have voiced concern over the cage rusting after regular cleaning with a hose. This is more than likely due to a fault at the manufacturing stage and easily rectified with a replacement


Despite a few minor complaints from customers, the overwhelming response to the ProSelect Empire dog cage range is a positive one. If you have a particularly powerful breed who also suffers from anxiety, then this is the cage you need to keep your pet safe and secure.

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