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Review – EZYDog Doggy Flotation Device

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The EZYDog doggy flotation device is a smart choice for anyone that has a dog that belongs to a bully breed. This jacket will fit all dogs but the design is especially good for dogs that have a shorter length and a deeper chest. If you have had problems getting a doggie life jacket to fit your bully breed dog try this one and you’ll probably find it fits perfectly. This is a solid dog flotation device for all dogs though not just bully breeds. Check out some of the pros and cons of the EZYDog dog life jacket:


  • Design – This doggie life jacket is made to be a little shorter on the sides and wider across the chest which makes it great for dogs that are hard to fit. It also has 50% more flotation material than most other doggie life jackets. The extra flotation is spread throughout the jacket but there is also extra flotation material near the neck to help keep the dog’s head above water.
  • Price – Priced around $60 this life jacket for dogs is solidly in the middle of the range of prices for dog life jackets. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money or if you need to keep the price cheap because you are buying multiple coats for multiple dogs this vest is a solid choice.
  • Colors – Like many other doggie life vests, this vest is available in bright yellow and bright red but it also comes in an attractive camo pattern that is great for dogs that go hunting. If you want a vest that you can use to take your dog with you on all your hunting trips this is the one to choose.

Negative Points

  • Strap Design – The straps on this doggie life vest are outside the vest and are rather large which could potentially be a problem if they get caught on something like a branch or the side of the boat. However, they do fit close to the body and do have an easy release if you need to loosen them up quickly.
  • Sizing – The smallest size of this vest fits dogs that weigh between 15-25 pounds. If you have a very small dog that likes to go on the water with you this vest probably isn’t going to be a good fit because it isn’t small enough to securely fit a very small dog. But the XL size will fit a dog that is 90 pounds or more so if you have a large dog the XL size may be a good fit.

Product Conclusion

The EZYDog dog flotation device sits solidly in the middle of the range when it comes to dog life jackets. It’s not the best dog life jacket on the market but it’s a pretty good choice, especially if have a larger dog. It’s not a great pick for very small dogs but it’s fantastic for large dogs or bully breeds that have trouble fitting into other dog life vests.

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