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Review – Kurgo Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket

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The Kurgo Surf N Turf dog life jacket is a top pick among dog owners for a few different reasons. There’s a lot to love about this doggie life jacket but one of the best features it has is a lifetime warranty. If product quality and a warranty is important to you, this life vest is the one to choose. Take a quick look at some of the other reasons to love this dog life vest:


  • 3 Season Rated – The Kurgo Surf N Turf is much more than just a life vest for your dog. It’s a 3 season coat thanks to the removable flotation liner. If you hunt or spent a lot of time outdoors throughout the year this one vest is all you will need for your dog for 3 of the 4 seasons. And when you go on the water just zip in the flotation liner and it becomes a dog life jacket.
  • Two Handles – The handle on the back of a doggie life vest is important because it gives you quick access to lift your dog into your boat or out of the way of danger. Most doggie life vests only have one handle but the Surf N Turk has two which makes it easier to lift your dog and distributes the pressure when you pick the dog up by the handles so that your dog’s back isn’t injured. It also has a convenient D-ring where you can attach a leash.
  • Reflective Material – Even though the jacket only comes in red it does have strips of light reflective material around the entire coat and the material itself Is shiny and easy to spot. You won’t have to worry about losing your dog when your dog is wearing this vest even in low light, in the woods, or out in the dark. If you go hunting in the early mornings, especially in the fall, this light reflective vest will help keep your dog safe.
  • Price – For a vest that does so much the price is great. The XL size is the most expensive but is still just around $50 which is a real bargain for a high-quality dog flotation device that also can be used as a 3 season coat. This is a versatile and budget-friendly option for anyone that really likes to be outdoors with their dog.

Negative Points

  • Color Choices – There is no other color option for this vest besides red, which may be a little disappointing to some dog owners. But with all the great features that it does have the lack of color options really isn’t that big of a deal to most dog owners.

Product Conclusion

The Kurgo Surf N Turf is a great pick for any dog, but it’s the best choice out there for humans that love to take their dogs with them as they explore the outdoors. It’s a reasonably priced well-made dog flotation jacket and coat that will keep your dog safe and comfortable throughout the year.

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