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Some dogs love to sleep on the couch, and with a large dog that can be a bit problematic. Furhaven offers a solution in the form of this amazing couch bed which is perfectly sized for all but the largest canines. It’s high-quality and sure to please both your dog and you.

Bed Highlights

  • Removable Stuffing- For easy machine washing, just unzip it, remove the stuffing and toss it in the machine.
  • Overstuffed Bolsters- The bolsters are stuffed with extra padding, making them especially comfortable for your canine. They’ll fall in love with them whether they’re sleeping or relaxing.
  • Retains Shape- The Beasley’s Couch Dog Bed is made for big dogs, and that means tough stuffing materials that will retain their shape no matter the size of your animal.
  • Hypro-Loft- This high-quality poly-fill blend provides a maximal amount of comfort, while also retaining its´ shape well under prolonged use.

Give Your Dog a Couch!

Everyone knows the mutt that refuses to stay off of the couch, no matter how many times they’re told to stay off. Rather than wasting your energy on yelling at them to stay down, why not just give them their own couch?

The Extra Large Beasley’s Couch Dog Bed is the solution to that problem, although it’s also comfortable enough your dog might soon be barking at you to get off of their couch. The overstuffed bolsters and convoluted foam mat make it incredibly comfortable for your dog, and the sheer size of the thing means it’ll be great for even the most ursine of canines.

Once your dog has gotten comfortable on it, you might just have a hard time getting them off. The best part is that it’s suited for almost any dog’s sleeping style, whether they prefer to curl up in a corner, sprawl out, or just get comfy with a pillow against their side it’s sure to be able to meet their needs.

You’ll quickly find that it’s a great option, not just a gimmick, and it’s sure to keep your canine happy for a long time to come since it retains its shape so well. Even better, it’ll be convenient for you to clean since you can easily remove the padding and replace it after a good wash.

A word to the wise, however, be careful not to shrink the cover. The bolsters are already stuffed with an impressive amount of material, and you might have a serious amount of trouble getting it back together if you’re not careful about how you wash it.

Product Conclusion

The idea of giving your dog its own couch might seem a bit novel, but the truth is that it’s a great idea both to give them a comfortable place to sleep and to keep them off of your couch. It’s comfortable, large, and exactly what the doctor ordered for a large dog. Take a close look at it, and you might just find yourself investing in a couch for your canine. It’s certainly not a bad idea!

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