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Some dogs just love to sprawl, and for those animals rectangular or square pillow beds are a fine option. It can be hard to find one big enough for some of the larger breeds of dog, however, so we found one for you to present it. If your enormous canine is the type to sprawl and doesn’t have any special needs for his joints, the Majestic Pet Rectangle Pet Bed might be just what you’re looking for.

Bed Highlights

  • Many Colors- For some of us, how the bed fits in with the décor of a room can be a hefty consideration. Thankfully, this offering from Majestic Pet comes in a range of seven different colors, from bold primary pigments to more subdued earth tones.
  • Unzippable Cover- It can be a pain to wash lower quality dog beds, and they often get torn up in the machine. Not so with this option, the entire outer cover is removable for easy machine washing.
  • Enormous Bed- This extra-large offering comes in at 42” by 60” meaning it’s suitable for pretty much any large dog breed.
  • Faux-Sheepskin Top- The top is made of faux sheepskin and is sure to keep your dog both comfortable and happy the entire time he’s using the bed.

Something for the Sprawlers

While many dogs are content laying down with a pillow or a bolster bed, some dogs just need to lay themselves out to their full length. We’ve all seen them, and they can be difficult to pick out the perfect bed for. Majestic Pet thankfully offers this high-quality alternative to cheaper pillow beds which usually fall apart quite rapidly.

Between the large amount of stuffing, the massive size, and the easily removable cover this bed is comfortable for your dog and convenient for you. Pillow top beds have a reputation for being low-quality, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Once your large canine gets a load of this one, you’ll be hard-pressed to get them off.

While it’s not orthopedic foam, the interior pad is filled with High Loft Fill, making for a comfortable and fairly resilient padding which is sure to last for some time to come. One word to the wise, however, it’s not quite waterproof so if your dog is prone to accidents you may want to look elsewhere.

That said, this may not be a good bed for those dogs who like to chew, and if your dog has joint problems you may definitely want to look for something with orthopedic foam in order to maximize their comfort. But if your dog is a big, sprawling mess, they’re sure to fall in love with their new sleeping space.

Product Conclusion

Rectangular pillow beds don’t have to be of low quality, and this bed from Majestic Pets delivers on that front. Your dog is sure to love it, and it’ll be easy and convenient for you to wash. If you have a big dog that likes to spread out his legs when he sleeps, be sure to take a close look at this fantastic offering from Majestic Pets.

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