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Review Hidden Valley Corner Bolster Dog Bed

Not everyone who keeps company with a large canine has a large wallet to match. Thankfully, there are still high-quality options available to us without having to break the bank too much. The Hidden Valley Corner Bolster Dog Bed is probably the best cheap option you’ll be able to find, and despite its low cost, it still offers a host of benefits.

Bed Highlights

  • Space Friendly- This bed will fit neatly into a corner, allowing you to save floor space while still giving your dog a great place to sleep.
  • Machine Washable- Both the inner and outer layers can be removed in order to allow you to easily clean your dog’s bed. Even better, they won’t be damaged going through your washing machine, making it a friendly option for those with smellier dogs.
  • Heavy Duty- The micro-suede material, while not entirely chew resistant, is heavy duty enough to stand up to the occasional gnawing or digging canines are wont to do.
  • Low Priced- Coming in at under $75, this bed is easy on your wallet despite the high-quality nature of it.
  • Plastic Lined- The inner layer is lined with plastic, making it a fantastic option for those whose dogs are accident prone. The liner is filled with Hypro-Loft fiber filling, making it comfortable.

Cheap, Durable, and Great

The best part about this bed is really the fact that it’s so cheap. It’s not orthopedic, or electrically heated, or all that fancy. It doesn’t come in a lot of color options or with a bunch of extras. Instead, what we have is a fantastic bed that comes in at a low price.

Simplicity can be your friend in this case. The bed is water-resistant and easily washable, so it’s sure to last as long as the filling can support your dog’s enormous weight. You can easily slide it into a corner, and only have to worry about it when it needs to be clean and that space saving can be great for those of us in more cramped living quarters.

The bed measures 64” by 44”, making it big enough for most large breeds. It might not fit the most truly enormous of dogs, however, so give your dog a measure before you order it if you own something of truly epic proportions like a mastiff or Great Dane.

It may not be the most suitable for dogs in their elder years, but if it’s all you can afford it really is a whole lot better than nothing. Younger large dogs are sure to love it, though.

Our Rating

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Product Conclusion

At the end of the day, this really isn’t the best bed on the market. Lots of beds do lots of things a lot better, but for the price point, you’re receiving something high-quality that is sure to last for quite some time. If you have an enormous dog, but not an enormous budget, take a close look at this one and you might just be surprised at how far your dollar can go.

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